Alveus ATROX 40 Granital Sink

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Alveus ATROX 40 Large Granital Composite Sink is available in Arctic, Concrete and Carbon finishes.


Mounting Type Topmount / Inset & Undermount
Cabinet Size 800mm for Inset / 900mm for undermount
Radius 10mm
Cut-out Size 770 x 480mm-Inset / 712 x 422mm-Undermount
Material Granite Composite
Finish Arctic G11, Carbon G91, Concrete G81
External Dimensions 790 x 500 x 195mm
Internal Dimensions 710 x 340 x 195mm
RRP  €410

The ATROX 40 Large bowl sink is suitable for use as an undermount or topmount sink.

High-grade composite Granital material with high granite content gives strength, which means high shock, scratch and temperature resistant finish. Accessories are sold separately.

The ATROX 40 is available in Black (Carbon G91), White (Artic G11) and Grey (Concrete G81).